Through my work I try to represent my internal fears and frustrations. My work is a visceral response to repressed feelings related to death, love, hate, uncertainty and pain. 

Many times I deal with these feelings by amplifying the main element or topic. And the rest is flattened, almost erased, to create a high contrast, sometimes brutal, between both.

Forms and shapes in my work are abstract, almost like a fading dream or memory. And sometimes the meaning is conveyed through the repetition of forms, or in patterns.

I try to apply principles of Japanese aesthetics, like Wabi-sabi, Shibui and Geidō, that I have acquired through the years of practice of Japanese Calligraphy, Bonsai and Iaido.
I believe that my work is influenced by the work of several Abstract Expressionism, Matterism and Color Field artists, like: Antoni Tàpies, Barnett Newman, Jean Fautrier, Paul Klee, and Mark Rothko.

You can see some influence from the works of some architects of the Modernist movement of the 1950s and 1960s in Mexico City, like Luis Barragán and Juan O’Gorman; and the colonial and contemporary architecture in Mexico City and Oaxaca. You can also see some influence by the work of Japanese architect Tadao Ando.
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